Travis Creeps

Travis Creeps

By Amy Sommer

“Beers and Tears” Travis Creeps’ debut album turns the country music staples of ‘love and love lost’ on its ear with tracks such as “Let Me Love You (the Way I Love Porno)” where Creeps—accompanied by his Mighty Swooners [Lucas Avila on bass, Marcelo Algarate on lead guitar, Draque Bozung on drums and occasionally Stephen Boyd on slide guitar]—woo a lady love with sweet nothings like, “You are so beautiful/A giant bowl full of wonderful/I just want to dip some chips in you.” You’ve got to give the rest of the album a listen because that is darn funny. “There’s Always Whisky” which laments love lost with lines such as, “There’s always whiskey/when she won’t kiss me,” a clever turn of phrase and simultaneously a universal truth for who amongst us hasn’t leaned on alcohol to deal with rejection?

When all of this is delivered in a voice as smooth as Brad Paisley’s laced with a Jeff Foxworthy-esque wink at southern culture it makes for a good album. His music video is a hoot and I’m glad he’s touring in California as I imagine Creeps and band are even better in person.

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