Zach Touchon’s Solo Art Exhibition ~ Thursday, September 19th

Zach Touchon series 4

The works by Los Angeles Artist Zach Touchon reflect an allegiance to abstract expressionist ideals combining the spontaneous, automatic gestural painting with the more controlled aspects of cubism as seen through the lens of Piet Mondrian. His work is influenced by advertising, particularly billboards in third world countries with heavily distressed surfaces.  Similarly, a sort of history is created by adding layer after layer of paint and found materials. The goal of Touchon’s work is to find a balance between chaos and control culminating in a sense of calm and integrity.

“Through collage, I  give new life to old, forgotten materials. One object I have utilized recently is a dictionary I found that was published in 1890.  I think it is a beautiful idea to free an old page in a dictionary from the burden of meaning and give a new life as a beautiful piece of art that will be appreciated and loved purely on the basis of its aesthetics,” said Touchon.

Touchon’s show runs Thursday, September 19, 2013 from 6 pm ~ 9 pm.
925 Howard Street
Marina Del Rey
Off Abbot Kinney and Washington

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