The fundaMentals ~ Full Mental Jacket

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By Amy Sommer
Photograph Courtesy The fundaMentals

The hard rockin’ trio, The fundaMentals, from Port Charlotte, Florida bills itself as a garage band—and in a garage is where they should stay.

“She’s Dangerous” has some hard charging, competent guitar and drum playing but  lyrics like, “She’s a tornado and she keeps on movin’ faster. Nothing artificial ’bout her she’s a natural disaster,” are a bit predictable. “I Do It All for Rock ‘n Roll” features good instrumentals, but try listening to the song without the distraction of the trite lyrics and mediocre vocals…it’s not possible.

For those who enjoy hard rock ‘n’ roll this band’s EP Full Mental Jacket might be for you provided you’re okay with a gravel-voiced singer and you don’t pay close attention to the lyrics. Their energy is hard charging and their instrument playing good—but, hey, guys… get someone else to write your songs.

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