The Last Gold Leaf ~ Campfire Pop: An Acoustic EP

Last Gold Leaf 2

The Last Gold Leaf ~ Campfire Pop: An Acoustic EP
By Justin O’Reilly

Subtle beginnings that won’t quit.  The Last Gold Leaf created their Twin City sound in the spring of 2012 when Derrick Keith (guitar), Rick Snyder (drums) and Devin Lau (bass) joined forces in Minneapolis.  What started out simply as a solo thing with Derrick; soon turned into a band.  A trio of amigos with influences such as Death Cab for Cutie, City and Colour, Milo Greene and Common.  Common?  Yes, Common the artist, but what’s also in common is the fact these cats are all on the same page, artistically speaking.

The trio released their first EP entitled “Campfire Pop: An Acoustic EP” in the fall of 2012.  It is what it is, an acoustic album filled with a few sappy love songs, but that’s totally cool. Their track, “I Won’t Quit You” is a catchy number; complete with all the hooks and grooves it needs to generate a little radio buzz.

On some tracks it feels like the band is still trying to get their groove. You know how it is when the band first starts out, right?  You’ve got to find that sound—that chemistry between the members.  If you’re looking for something with a bit more nuts, check out their most recent EP “Opaque.”  It’s got rhythm. It’s got lyrics. But most of all…it’s got electric guitar!  The silent, but deadly track from this album is “Drawn”—its military style drum beat, lyrical melody and righteous guitar tone at the (2:36) mark makes the track a stand out. Vocally, they’re on par with the sound of today—your typical indie pop rock, but again…that’s cool, right?

The Last Gold Leaf has definitely progressed musically since their campfire sessions. If you’d like to judge the album(s) yourself—visit the bands’ website and/or Facebook fan page at

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