Cat Cork EP Review


Written by Matthew Bates
Photographs Courtesy of Cat Cork

With a fluid sound and effortless lyrics, the new self-titled EP release from Australian musician Cat Cork starts with a simplistically relatable bang. Tranquilizing vocals on the introductory track, “Dreaming My Life Away,” whisper effortless lyrics that all listeners can connect with. Reminiscent of the stripped down album, Nebraska by Springsteen, a simple bell keeps the tempo as the rustic guitar plays along with the melodic chorus. As the last refrain hits, the straightforward instruments take over and the epilogue plays on.

“Let It All Go!” takes over from here with its straightforward message. Cat Cork pulls all the stops, letting the listener dive in and be submerged in sea of familiarity. Feelings expressed and honest words bridge gaps missing in most of the cookie-cutter folk being shoveled through your radio speakers—Cork’s music is, well…it’s a breath of fresh air. Engaging questions layered in the verses are answered in the song’s chorus. A tasteful piano presence leads to a surprising element of complexity as the EP bleeds into “Wandering Rocks.” A mix of mandolin and acoustic guitar complement each other as stoic dual vocals collide.

“Hold On” warms up when arpeggiati notes unite with a chugging chord chorus. All instruments build towards a multi-vocal layer, filling headphones with a full and beautiful choir. A fade leads to the stories eerie ending of piano, percussive, instrumental bliss. A quick listen or a repeat play of this EP does not disappoint. It is not a far stretch from earlier work of Cork but leaves fans satisfied and craving more.

Editor’s Note: Worth a listen: “Never Want to Wake Up”