Music & Mayhem Team

TVA Floor PhotoCredit Morgan Genserv3.01_96

Taylor Van Arsdale got her start in music as the “Original Check-In Gal” at the Guitar Center Hollywood; then moved into film & television at HBO Pictures and NBC Universal. She has worked as the Managing Editor of two print magazines, writes a column for the Santa Monica Daily Press and continues to explore creative and artistic endeavors with her […]

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Jonathon Walters ~ Photographer / Writer


Photo by Jonathon Walters Jonathon Walters looks for the magnificence of life in the details of experiences. In 2014 Walters, a mid-west native, took a leap of faith, left his 9-5 in pursuit of a career in the creative arts and unearthed a passion for photography with just the right touch of artsy. Now a veteran music photographer, Walters has […]

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Matt Bates ~ Writer

Matt Bates

Matt Bates is a face-talking, say-it-as-it-is, east coast guy with a positive west coast attitude. Having been involved with the entertainment industry for as long as he “has been walking” he sees all sides of the coin. Whether it’s local theatre, to touring across the states playing in national touring bands, (or managing them) Bates knows what it takes to […]

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Justin O’Reilly ~ Writer


Justin O’Reilly is a simple kid from Lexington, Kentucky. In September of 2008, he packed up his Jeep and drove across the country with one thing in mind–success. A true believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason. He’s an educated fool with a degree from the University of Kentucky and an insatiable appetite for music, donuts, ice […]

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Amy Sommer ~ Writer


Amy Sommer shifted her focus away from film – a one hit wonder [her claim to minimal fame is the Oscar nominated and Emmy winning 1997 documentary “Waco: The Rules of Engagement,” which examined the 1993 Texas tragedy] she can take a hint; one hit a decade does not for a career make – and started writing. Since 2006 she […]

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