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I’m having a heart attack just looking at designer Roderick Tung’s fabulous shirts. And that’s okay, because in addition to being a phenomenal designer, Tung also happens to be a respected cardiologist.

We’re at the Beverly Hills Neiman Marcus for “Fashion’s Night Out” where Tung’s sublime men’s shirts are the hit of the show. FNO, for those of you who may not know, was started in New York by Vogue’s editor Anna Wintour as a way to encourage stoppers to forget their recession worries, and stimulate the economy through shopping. The event is now global and Los Angeles, being an epicenter for fashion, is now in its second year of participation.

Tung’s line is also two years old and came about because Tung says, “I was not happy with the way dress shirts were. I wanted to marry true Italian luxury with a sleek modern man’s contemporary shirt with British bespoke details. So it’s really a custom shirt that’s ready-to-wear. It’s for those men who really pay attention to detail and want little bit of subtle distinction.”

The shirts vary stylistically. There are white-collared shirts that look very British in style. Tung explains, “This is a 180 degree cut; very English. It can be worn open or with a tie. It’s very versatile. You can wear it with a small skinny tie or you can really fill it up with a double-Windsor.” Tung’s favorite colors are blue and pink, so there’s always some blue and pink in every collection. Tung tries to preserve a classic elegance with a very subtle distinctive take and he succeeds.

One shirt catches my eye and Tung explains, “This one is called the James Bond cuff. Originally created by Turnbell & Asser for Sean Connery’s character in “Dr. No” it’s the first time it’s ever been in a ready-to-wear shirt because it’s always been a custom detail.”

Tung, who hails from Cleveland, completed his medical training in Boston and has lived in Los Angeles for seven years. He confesses, “I’ve always had a fetish for shirts. My mom told me [my shirt fetish] was an illness and I converted it into a passion because I believe life is too short not to pursue your passions, so I decided to run with it.”

Tung may be the first cardiologist who’s come out with his own luxury dress shirt line. But, as he says, “We all have to be unique in our own way. I’m so grateful to be here at Neiman Marcus. It’s the ultimate luxury store and they were kind enough to have me as the featured men’s designer for this event.”

You can find his shirts at Traffic at the Beverly Center, Scoop Boutiques (nationwide), T Petterson on Sunset and at www.RoderickTung.com

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