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Drop into Estell Boutique on Montana and you’ll find there’s always something fun and festive going on. Whether it’s a new line of apparel just in from Europe, an after hours event or Stella Shirman, the shop’s congenial owner chit-chatting with some of the locals, it’s the most inviting boutique in town.

Shirman opened this past March, a relative newcomer to the retail field. Her background is in marketing, but she says, “I always knew that I wanted to have my own business and that I have an eye for fashion. Whenever I go shopping with my friends, I pull one or two things off the rack while my friends have 20 items in their hands. In most cases, the items that I suggest fit best.” Over the years, Shirman developed a natural ability to select the perfect item for a particular body type. She prides herself on being able to help women select pants. “Our figures are all so unique, and pants fit differently on each woman,” explains Shirman. “I have found special manufacturers in Turkey that have designed the best fitting pants. They have certain styles for sizes 2 – 6, and another for sizes 8 – 12, and for sizes 14 – 16, and that’s smart because the bigger sizes get the higher the inseam should be. A woman who is a little larger in size cannot wear the skinny style comfortably.”

Shirman, who is Russian and hails from the Ukraine, developed connections with fashion houses, manufacturers and distributors in Europe and signed exclusive distribution contracts. In this way, Shirman is able to offer high quality merchandise, deliver quality garment construction and fit at good prices while still remaining competitive.

In addition to style Shirman wanted to ensure the highest quality standards with the clothing she sells. “After attending trade shows and going the LA Mart, it was clear to me that I’d have to import merchandise from Europe in order to bring not only one-of-a-kind but quality designs to my customers. But, that being said, I believe it’s important to support the U.S. economy and so I work with local designers as well.”

Items that are selling right now include; long cardigan knits and sweater jackets, knit dresses that can be worn as a dress, a tunic with leggings or a jumper with a top underneath and of course, the ever popular black pants.

After scoping out several locations, Shirman fell in love with Montana Avenue. “I love the sense of community among shoppers and merchants. I meet fun and interesting people every day and many of my customers have become my friends. Sometimes, they will just come by to hang out and talk to me. It feels great.”

Indeed, Estell Boutique is like the “Cheers” of Montana Avenue; it’s a fun place to hang out, make new friends and also get great clothing.

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