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By Jack Eidt

Tar-Sands-Action - Climate Change Rally in DC

Crippling drought. Devastating wildfires. Super-storm Sandy. Climate Change has come home – and the people of the United States and beyond get it. On Sunday, February 17th, the largest climate rally in history is planned for Washington DC with a companion march happening in Los Angeles. Over 12,000 people are already signed up to rally in Washington, with the number growing by the day. The peaceful demonstration aims to tell Barack Obama it’s time to lead the fight against climate change, beginning with the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline.

The Athabascan Tar Sands of Alberta, Canada, the largest industrial project in human history, continues to destroy the environment, harm indigenous societies, and foul the climate. Its planned expansion of mining an area of ancient Boreal Forest the size of Florida has set the stage for an epic political battle as the Obama Administration evaluates its path to market: the Keystone XL pipeline. The marchers demand? A Renewable Energy Future – one that breaks the addiction to dirty and dangerous fuels like Coal, Natural Gas Fracking, Nuclear, and Tar Sands.


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