Sanani Coffee: The Original Mocha Coffee


Los Angeles is a diverse melting pot; a town where you find people from all walks of life and all parts of the globe. As such, we have different tastes, different values and different lifestyles. But there’s one thing we Angelenos share—a love of great coffee.

At a small gathering at Los Angeles’ Little Door restaurant, Sanani Coffee—the original mocha coffee—was presented to a select group of tasters. Aside from its delicious aroma, and deep chocolate color, the coffee has a unique, complex flavor—and no bitter aftertaste.

Let’s face it; if you’ve stopped at any popular coffee chain, chances are you’ve experienced sweetened coffee, burnt beans or an inferior product. With Sanani, the coffee melts into your mouth, filling your senses with a flavor sensation unlike any other.  There’s simply no way to describe Sanani coffee other than to say…it is perfect.

So what makes Sanani coffee so different? Its founder, Tariq Ausaf—a delightful, charming man, has diligently researched his product to find and bring you the most exclusive coffee beans in the world.

Ausaf, who currently resides in Dallas, Texas and began his career as an engineer, decided after 18 years, that he wanted to open his own, high-end café. “To do that I wanted to source my own coffee, because I wanted to make sure I got the best. I didn’t want salesmen telling me. I wanted to find out for myself,” Ausaf said.

Thus began intense research, traveling to various countries, reading reviews. “The first coffee to ever reach Paris in 1669 was the Yemen mocha coffee. It’s fascinating because Suleiman Aga, the Turkish Ambassador to France, brought it with him from Turkey for his own consumption and he offered it to all the people who would visit him. Soon after it became the hot topic in Paris. Everyone was talking about this new, warm, delicious, awesome-smelling beverage which they had never tasted before,” explained Ausaf.

Some 15 years later, the first French café “Procope” opened serving the likes of Voltaire, Russo and Napoleon Bonaparte. Ausaf came to the conclusion that the Yemeni coffee was not only the oldest but also the finest.

After careful and difficult negotiations, Ausaf was able to acquire the first sample of Yemen mocha coffee and import it to America. “These samples were extremely expensive, even for the un-roasted beans,” Ausaf said. “Because the beans are cofea Arabica; grown at very high altitudes.” A great deal of cheaper, commercial coffee is made from cofea robusto beans which are grown at a much lower altitude and therefore easier to cultivate and hence, more economical. But Ausaf didn’t want a run-of-the-mill product. He wanted the best.

Ausaf explained, “They cannot get pesticides up there, they cannot get chemicals. This coffee is cultivated exactly the same way it has always been cultivated for hundreds of years.”

So, the Sanani coffee tasted that evening at the Little Door is the same coffee experienced in Paris 340 years ago and the very same coffee that Ausaf has made available to the public.

Celebrities who have experienced and jumped on the Sanani coffee bandwagon include George Lopez; who requested the product for a charity event he was hosting. Ausaf said, “I was so glad to know that someone as cool as George liked our coffee.” Director/actor Jason Reitman and director/artist Julian Schnabel, also thrilled by its taste, requested six-month supplies.

Now, keep in mind, this is not a flavored coffee; “Mocha does not mean chocolate,” explained Ausaf. “Mocha stands for a superior dark bean from Arabia, and references the sea-port of Mocha in Yemen.” Nor does Sanani carry a decaf product. “People are always asking me when I will introduce this in our line, but it seems to me that in the process of decaffeination some of the flavor will be lost. Even if you compare a caffeinated and decaffeinated instant coffee side by side, you can tell there is a significant difference in the flavor.”

Today Ausaf is searching for the perfect storefront in either Beverly Hills or Santa Monica in which to open his café. Until then Sanani coffee is available for purchase online.

Simply put, Sanani is the best tasting coffee in the world. But don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself. Request your own free sample at: 

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