2014 iPhone Film Festival Great Films on an iPhone

By Taylor Van Arsdale

If you haven’t seen some of the great films coming out of the iPhone Film Festival you’re missing out.

Started by a filmmaker for other filmmakers—the iPhone Film Festival is now in it’s 5th year. “There are thousands of us, talented artist that don’t have the resources that major film companies have to create a film. However, we do have our talent and most importantly we have our creative instincts,” said Ruben Kaszantsev, the founder of the iPhone Film Festival. His website (http://www.iphoneff.com) is designed to give artists an avenue to showoff their gifts to the world by simply using their talents, creativity, and their iPhones.

In fact, “Departure,” the world’s first multi-national project; filmed in France, Belarus and United States and filmed entirely with an iPhone 4s—is a project conceived by media trailblazer Kazantsev himself. “Departure is a film utilizing three main locations, in three separate countries, the United States, France, and Belarus, and three distinct directors from those respected regions. Each filmmaker contributed their assigned footage and shot exclusively on the iPhone apparatus to form one complete project, one complete intertwining story.” Kazantsev calls it a “venture in cost effective, expeditious, epic filmmaking.” The results are impressive; the film looks as if it was shot with expensive equipment and professional cameras. http://vimeo.com/65464952

The submission deadline for IFF5 is Dec 31st 2014, all films submitted after Dec 31st 2014, will qualify for IFF6. [email protected]

Music & Mayhem will be posting trailers for films entered into the 2014 iPhone Film Festival and is pleased to report that Tailfish Productions and PR is a sponsor of the 2014 iPhone Film Festival. www.tailfish.com




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