Ferni Lopez Afterburn EP Review

a3089950207_16By Amy Sommer

Ferni Lopez is an independent Houston-based singer-songwriter. His most recent EP Afterburn is akin to 70s folk rock with an indie-rock vibe.

“Wonderful,” a quiet, piano track has sense of yearning and longing—with a distinctly sentimental vibe. It talks about the sadness that comes with deception and lies, and losing the “world you need.” However “How Do You Like Me,” “Blame,” and “Why Don’t You” seem to drone on and on, without any sense of purpose or lyrical cohesion.

In general, Lopez’ song structure is weak. Compositionally his tracks could use a bit of help; there are no distinct bridges—and the majority of his lyrics are basically the song’s titles repeated over and over and over again—with the exception of “Wonderful” and “Afraid”—two tracks that stand out from the rest.

Lopez may be playing locally in Houston, and we’ve no doubt he’s probably a great live act with a lot of heart, but he could stand to partner up with a serious composer and arranger—and possibly even a lyricist for the studio work in his latest foray—the passion is there, he’s certainly a skillful musician, but Afterburn could stand a re-vamp.