IamHighHeat Provides Calvin Harris Styled Beats


Canadian based Hip Hop and EDM producer IamHighHeat has released two new tracks, “High Heat Pop Track 1” and “High Heat Calvin Harris Style.” The first is a blend of what’s come to be known as traditional EDM, slowly diffused yet repetitive drum beats, the keyboard tapping away with a recurring rhythmic melody. “High Heat Pop Track 1” is a hypnotic track more along the lines of a score for a soundtrack though than a dance floor ditty.

The second, “High Heat Calvin Harris Style” marries interesting synth textures with a likeable dance-pop sound. The occasional whisper of a vocal and late piano ostinato adds to its overall appeal. It’s definitely a track to groove to on the dance floor.

For more info: https://www.reverbnation.com/main/search?q=highheat
Twitter: @IamHighHeat