Music & Mayhem Team

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Taylor Van Arsdale got her start in music as the “Original Check-In Gal” at the Guitar Center Hollywood; then moved into film & television at HBO Pictures and NBC Universal. She has worked as the Managing Editor of two print magazines, writes a column for the Santa Monica Daily Press and continues to explore creative and artistic endeavors with her new online music magazine “Music & Mayhem”—which she supplements with her “Music & Mayhem” radio show. She hates the cold, loves her fishnets, seeing bands at the venues on the Sunset Strip, thinks places that don’t have valet parking should be abolished, grows her own coffee beans, believes that Han shot first, and wonders why no one’s invested in her idea for “Nuts”—essentially a “Hooters” with men running around serving victuals and libations in banana hammocks. A member of SAG and AFTRA with long-standing film industry relationships, experience as an on-camera interviewer of musicians and bands, she has a deep passion for all things Indie and is always on the lookout for the next great break out band. And…um, don’t believe that bit about the coffee beans.

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