Eight Thirty Common: A Foodie’s Haven

By Taylor Van Arsdale

Sometimes you just get a good feeling about a restaurant.

My husband and I have been in Meridian, Idaho almost a year and between law school and his job, we are sorely behind on our restaurant samplings. However, this past Saturday we had a chance to visit with friends and decided to check out Eight Thirty Common

Strange name for a restaurant, right? Well, according to General Manager, Damon Elias, the name comes partly from the address–830 Main Street–and partly that it’s a “common” place to hang out. 

830 Common

We can certainly understand why you’d want to hang out here. The atmosphere is welcoming, with warm wood tones and comfortable chairs and friendly staff. It’s got a good vibe. It’s also got great food and drinks. 

We started with the Crispy Brussel Sprouts with maple bacon glaze. These are crunchy, sweet and delicious. There are pieces of bacon (strewn) throughout; and one appetizer was just enough for four people.  Chef Landon Brewer really knows his way around the kitchen. He serves up a variety of dishes; with something yummy for everyone’s palate.

The Egg White Scramble with goat cheese, asparagus, mushrooms (is served with real egg whites) and is a good option if you’re watching calories, as you can sub out the papas bravas for cottage cheese. 

Egg Whites and Cottage Cheese

And if you’re wondering about papas bravas (see below)–they are scrumptious, home fries, with a light crust. 

Eggs Hollandaise with Papas Bravas

The Shrimp Po’ Boy features crispy Cajun dusted shrimp with a house remoulade, served on a Gaston’s roll. For those of you who haven’t tried any of Gaston’s products, he’s a local French bread maker. Yum.

Shrimp Po’ Boy

Just a note: if you are planning to go on weekends, make sure you’re looking at the correct menu. The waiter mistakenly gave us the “lunch” menu–which is not available until 2 PM. 

830 Common is a perfect spot for that weekend breakfast with friends, and it’s also a great place for a casual, relaxing dinner. This summer be sure to catch their FREE Summer Concert Series from 6 PM to 9 PM; starting July 7 running ’til August 24.

For more info on the bands playing check out their Summer Concert Calendar.